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Hi, I'm ailean. Companies of the future's right hand.

A cutting-edge, user-friendly AI solution revolutionizing one industry after the other, developed by Swiss industry experts and field-tested for proven results.

What is ailean

Taking your business to the next level

 it's a revolutionary framework designed to seamlessly integrate into and transform your business operations. At its core, ailean is an intelligent, adaptive system that goes beyond mere data processing and interaction. It's about understanding your specific business needs and providing custom AI solutions that not only communicate but execute and manage tasks efficiently.

ailean isn't just another AI tool


ailean, like a human brain, has distinct 'brain parts': one part holds general industry knowledge, akin to a brain's cortex, while another contains business-specific knowledge, similar to specialized brain regions. Additionally, APIs function like sensory neurons, providing awareness and the ability to interact with and execute tasks in various software environments. This structure allows ailean to adapt and respond intelligently to a wide range of business needs.

How ailean works:


Versatile industries application

Where ailean works

ailean for hospitality


ailean for real estate


more industries coming soon


About Us

Your connection to the future. A powerful and proven team consisting of AI experts, software developers as well as real estate and hospitality operators.

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