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Achieving Growth

empower real estate

Transform the way you manage real estate with ailean, where cuttingedge AI meets industry-specific knowledge. From seamless tenant communications and efficient infrastructure onboarding to proactive deficiency management and streamlined documentation, ailean brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to property management. Embrace the future of real estate with ailean, where every aspect of property management is enhanced by intelligent, tailored AI solutions.

What ailean does for your tenants

ailean streamlines the process of reporting and resolving property issues, ensuring tenant concerns are promptly addressed.

Problem Resolution

ailean offers around-the-clock communication in 150 languages, ensuring tenants can easily report issues and receive assistance in their preferred language at any time.


Offers guidance and resources for handling minor issues independently, providing tenants with quick and easy solutions.


Gathers feedback post-issue resolution to continually improve the service and responsiveness, focusing on tenant satisfaction and experience.


What ailean does for your backoffice:

Streamlines issue reporting for tenants, categorizing and prioritizing for swift response.

Deficiency Reporting

ailean offers quick, guided solutions for minor tenant issues, enhancing efficiency and reducing maintenance workload


Coordinates repair schedules between tenants, staff, and maintenance teams for minimal disruption.

Maintenance Scheduling

Monitors maintenance costs, aligning with budget constraints and optimizing expense allocation.

Budget Managment

Offers back office real-time tracking of maintenance tasks, enhancing oversight and response.

Real-Time Status Updates

Gathers tenant feedback post-repair to evaluate service quality and inform future improvements.

Feedback and Quality

What ailean does for your team

ailean prevents task backlog and enables focus on complex issues, while ensuring high responsiveness and quick fixes, leading to happier tenants and a more efficient, error-free work environment.

Enhances quality 

ailean takes care of routine tasks, giving your team the time and space to concentrate on important and complex aspects of property management, ensuring priorities are addressed with the attention they deserve.

Time for what counts

Your maintenance

Streamlining tasks for more purposeful work


Minimizing mistakes and the need for overtime.

Error Reduction

Your wallet

Reducing operational expenses
through efficient automation.

Cost savings

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