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Achieving Growth

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Boost your hospitality business with ailean, who operates within your current software to handle any software-based task and serves as contact point for both guests and staff. Whether managing the entire guest journey or specific aspects, ailean empowers you to deliver unprecedented service levels, leveraging her intelligence and capacity to take on your team's workload.

What ailean does for your guests

ailean breaks language barriers by fluently speaking 150 languages, ensuring clear and precise communication with guests from around the world. Available 24/7, ailean provides consistent support, answering queries and offering information any time of day or night.


As a versatile digital concierge, ailean excels in organizing a wide range of activities. Whether it's planning a lavish date night or crafting a budget-friendly family day out, ailean seamlessly arranges experiences tailored to guest preferences, ensuring memorable stays.

Concierge Services

ailean simplifies every aspect of a guest's stay, from check-in to check-out. With high attention to detail, ailean manages room preferences, special requests, and schedule adjustments, ensuring each stay is smooth, comfortable, and personalized.

Stay Management

ailean serves as the single, friendly point of contact for all guest inquiries. From providing information about hotel amenities to addressing specific concerns, ailean's unified interface ensures guests feel heard, valued, and efficiently assisted throughout their stay.

Unified Contact

ailean for hospitality

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What ailean does for your team

ailean automates routine duties, freeing staff from time-consuming tasks like email responses and bookkeeping.

Free from repetitive tasks

Staff can concentrate on meaningful human interactions, enhancing the overall service quality and what really matters!

Focus on human interaction

Your maintenance

ailean enhances operational efficiency with superior coordination and speed over human capabilities.


With comprehensive oversight, ailean proactively identifies and addresses errors, reducing human mistakes.

Error Reduction

Your wallet

ailean significantly reduces operational costs by automating tasks that typically require human staff.

Cost savings

ailean boosts room revenue through increased upselling and commissions.

Increased Revenue

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